Ask not what the country has done for me?

Ask what have I done for the country?

Ask not what my parents, grandparents, 

neighbours and friends have done for me?

Ask what have I done for them?

To commemorate Kargil Vijay Diwas, the students of classes VI – VIII, of Summer Fields School, Kailash Colony participated in various activities on 26 July 2021,  to pay their heartfelt homage to the martyrs of Indian Armed Forces who sacrificed their lives and won the war at Kargil on 26 July 1999. It was done with the view to salute the real heroes of the nation and inspire the students for a patriotic cause.

The activities like ‘ Poster Making ‘ and ‘Slogan Writing’ were conducted, in order to instil a sense of patriotism in the students, apart from honing their creativity and imagination. Patriotism is a social value, the feeling of patriotism is to be inculcated at school level to make sure that student becomes the responsible citizen of our Nation. The students of classes VI-VIII demonstrated their patriotism by drafting beautiful posters and writing thought provoking and effective slogans.

The Principal  of the school, Dr Neeru Suman applauded the efforts of the school and congratulated the parents and the teachers for motivating the students to display intense commitment, sincere love and patriotism.

We salute and bow down to our heroes, who leave their comfort and family, put their lives on the front line to make sure the rest of the nation stay safe, sound and live in peace.

Here are the glimpses of the celebration:-

kargil_diwas_1 kargil_diwas_2

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