School-Parent Partnership

The Summer Fields School education is a partnership between home and school. We embrace the participation of parents in the education of their children. We look forward to the unstinting support of parents towards the school ethos. We always remain open to ideas and feedback which we can incorporate in our bid for continual improvement.

Parental Interface

The tiny tots from Grade Nursery of Summer Fields School conducted an assembly on ‘Winter Season’.The children came dressed up in their cute winter attires and captivated the audience with their innocence as they confidently spoke about the Winter Season. They smartly rampwalked the stage to speak about the festivals celebrated and the fruits and vegetables consumed during this season. The Assembly concluded on a high note with an energetic foot-tapping dance, leaving the audience in high spirits. Additionally, a lively quiz added an interactive twist to the occasion.The parents beamed with pride, capturing precious moments as their little ones took their first steps onto the stage, making the Winter Season Assembly a cherished memory for all.