Information as per Requirement of Labour Deptt

1 Name / Address of the Website
2 Name of the Establishment Summer Fields School
3 Address of the Establishment (Registered Office) Kailash Colony, New Delhi-48
4 Address of the Establishment Branch Office  N.A
5 Name of work for which Contract Workmen are to be employed  Housekeeping, Security & transport
6 Name of the Proprietor Partner/ Director Managing Director  Ms Rema Alex Daniel
7 Date of starting of Business 1953
8 Date of initial agreement with the Principal Employer working since with PE)  2010
9 Mobile No. of PE/ Contractor  9810399600
10 E-mail ID of PE/ Contractor
11 Website Address of the Contrator’s establishment
12 Registration Certificate No. of PE/ Contractor Labour License No. and valid upto  CLA/PE/35/DLC(S)/2010
13 Registration No. under the Registration act. 1908  N.A.
14 Registration No. under partnership Act, 1932  N.A.
15 Registration No. under the Companies Act, 1956  N.A.
16 Registration No. under the Delhi Shops & Establishment Act, 1954  N.A.
17 Registration No. under the Facories Act (for PE)  N.A.
18 Registration No. of Employee ESI Act, 1948  Applied
19 Registration No. EPF and Misc. Provisions Act, 1952  Applied
20 Service Tax Registration No.  N.A.
21 Sale Tax Registration No.  N.A.
22 PAN Card No.  AABTD3804A