We provide a solid foundation to the little ones who come under our wings brimming with their parent’s aspirations and their own effervescence and energy, through modern infrastructure, timeless values and the confidence and ability to meet all challenges in life and come out victorious. This more than five-decade old institution retains the charm, glory and experience of the time gone by and has upgraded and reworked its ideals, vision as well as infrastructure, to keep up with the demands of the present times.

Science/Math. Laboratories

Science and Math. Laboratories provide opportunities for specialized study in different disciplines. Experimentation is encouraged and scientific temperament is strengthened. Maths lab creates challenging atmosphere to put the mathematical abilities of students to test through practicals, projects and models. ‘Learning by doing’ relates mathematical concepts with day-to-day life and enhances the analytical reasoning and lateral thinking through various activities.

Computer Labs

Children enter the world of multimedia while learning to work on computers thus enhancing the logical skills, using them for project work, independent study and establishing links with students all over the world. A creative and technology-rich learning environment in the computer labs allow teachers and students to work, interact and exchange information. Technology is fully-integrated with the curriculum allowing students to collaborate on class projects.

Health Centre

The school also provides regular medical facilities to its staff and students. The school clinic functions throughout the day providing first-aid and immediate medical attention. Periodical medical check-ups of every student are carried out and records are maintained. In case a child needs special medical attention and treatment, parents are informed and specialized doctors are contacted.

Counselling Services

Educators have recognized the need for counselling in students’ overall development. At Summer Fields School, counselling is not only limited to problematic children, it is meant for all students. It helps each student to achieve a clear understanding and acceptance of his/her strengths and limitations, interests, attitudes, skills, abilities and aptitude. The school has two full-time counsellors to guide and facilitate the children to assess their academic and behavioural performance on a regular basis. They suggest corrective measures to parents and teachers to make learning an exciting activity.

School Library

The school library is equipped with a variety of resources ranging from various genres of books by different authors, magazines, journals and encyclopedias, the internet facility and electronic media like CDs and cassettes on different topics and subjects. We seek to immerse children in the world of literature.