Mesmerising 70th ALUMNI MEET 2022

The 70thAlumni Meet held on 2nd December 2022 was truly mesmerizing with a trance that may last forever.The day was filled with twittering voices recalling the good old memorable days by an accumulation of Alumni from diverse background. This grand event was possible due to the guidance and support of our esteemed chairman Mr. Inder Dev Gupta. Mr. Rahul Gupta was instrumental in providing his valuable inputs at every step and boosting the morale of the working committee. Principal Ms. Geeta Karunakaran by her positive approach, direction, and work accountability in all activities made the event a great success.

The Alumni felt ecstatic and appreciated the program. They expressed their gratitude towards the school and management and revealed that the sense of being included in such a large community is exceptionally rare. They also shared their true feeling that one thing that hadn’t changed over the years are the values that the school imbibes.The motto remains engraved,not just on the walls, but also in the heart of every Summerite. Many opined that the key reason for their success is the platform provided by the institute and the support provided by the management during their study period. It was a stimulating and enjoyable evening with a plethora of activities like games, photo shoot and face to face interview with some distinguished alumni. A fun-filled cultural program was organized for the Alumni to reminiscent bygone days and walk down the memory lane in the ambience of their Alma mater. Various performances including songs, stand-up comedy, solo and group dances were performed by the current students that enlightened the Alumni with lots of emotion and laughter. The Principal, Ms. Geeta Karunakaran addressed the august gathering and extended her warm welcome to the Alumni and gave updates about the recent developments and initiatives taken at the institutional level for uplifting the educational standards among the students and faculty members.

The Alumni Meet was remarkable as it was an evening brimming with love, affection, and gratitude filled by different colors.

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