Reading Coach Across Languages

The teachers of Summer Fields School participated in an online workshop conducted by Microsoft on 11th March,2023, by Ms Minakshi Ahlawat. The workshop began with quote “Today’s reader is tomorrow’s leader”. As the topic clearly indicates that the workshop was conducted keeping in mind the reading progress of the students at different level and how this can be achieved through the technology. The workshop emphasised that in many ways students success and confidence in life depends on their ability to read. The Resource person along with Ms. Duhita Parmar discussed about reading at different level starting from “ Carly readers” to “k5 students” where the students just begin to read. I higher classes individual support can be provided by attaching the reading material while creating and conducting a class on Microsoft Teams. The resource person also spoke about the online library and how it could benefit the students and correct them when any word was mispronounced , the colour of the wrongly pronounced word would change and correct pronunciation would be taught. The workshop culminated with the resource person providing the link for certificate and the feedback.

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