School life is the most beautiful rite of passage. It encompasses a person’s journey, from being an unsure toddler to an enterprising teenager. Most of us look back at it fondly and marvel at the little things which used to acquire gigantic proportions. Here, we make lifelong friends, learn the basic principles of behavior, a sense of the workings of the world and so much more. School is the proverbial nest on a high branch, which gives us strong wings to rule the skies.


School embraces our uniqueness and rounds off our jagged edges. We gain so much insight into our own capabilities, as it is, our testing ground. Be it art, music, computers, mathematics, extempore or any of the hundred things integral to the curriculum, school life is full of avenues where we can dazzle and shine. No other phase of life lets us explore so much or gives us the freedom of choice.  School life is a world of opportunities which impacts our tomorrows fundamentally.


The soft skills learnt and honed at the alma mater shape our personality. The patience and fortitude of the teachers are the stepping stones which help us reach the zenith of self-realization. School life is the time when we laugh the loudest, perspire the most, create the biggest castles in the air, organize imaginary races where we are always the first prize winners, have our first crushes and want to return back at any cost.