Reading Coach Across Languages The teachers of Summer Fields School participated in an online workshop conducted by Microsoft on 11th March,2023, by Ms Minakshi Ahlawat. The workshop began with quote “Today’s reader is tomorrow’s leader”. As the topic clearly indicates that the workshop was conducted 
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Kindergarten Special Assembly On Holi Students of Kindergarten D, E and F conducted a Special Assembly on the colourful festival of Holi. Children confidently spoke about the significance of Holi and how it is celebrated in India. They presented a foot taping dance on a 
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Promotion of Taekwondo Belt Test Taekwondo yellow Belt test Examination was held in Summer Field School, Kailash Colony, New Delhi on 23 February 2023, to advance the students from one rank to another. 203 Students from the class II to V participated enthusiastically in the 
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Mesmerising 70th ALUMNI MEET 2022 The 70thAlumni Meet held on 2nd December 2022 was truly mesmerizing with a trance that may last forever.The day was filled with twittering voices recalling the good old memorable days by an accumulation of Alumni from diverse background. This grand 
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MUSIC ACTIVITY CLASS- VIII The Students of class VIII are very dedicated to this art form. They are very enthusiastic about learning new aspects of singing. They learned the nuances of singing apart from learning the song, ‘ Vaishnav Janto’ . They enjoyed the session 
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