Australian Exchange Programme

With an aim to give international exposure to   students, we have tied up with Burredah Primary School, in Perth, Western Australia through the Australian High Commission’s AIE.

The exchange programme aims to develop and expand understanding of Indian and Australian society, history, culture and education system. Through this we aim to enhance knowledge and understanding about school leadership and school management issues amongst the students of both the schools, in both countries.

As a part of the programme Ms.Evans Margot EAL/D Team Leader (English as an Additional Language) from Burrendah Primary School, Australia came for a three day home stay.

Ms. Evans Margot visited the school and interacted with the students and teachers. She found the students very disciplined and self-motivated. She was particularly fascinated with the artwork done by the students. She shared the best practices in teaching English with the English language teachers

Australia – India School Leaders Professional Learning Program  Australian Government in collaboration with AEF and Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India sponsored this programme. The aim of the programme was to develop and expand understanding of Indian & Australian society, history and culture and build knowledge and understanding of the Indian and Australian education system and foster the development of professional networks and school-to-school relationships between India and Australia. It was held in two phases- Phase I :–  14 April – 17 April 2014

Interacting with students  in the class                      In discussion with teachers

She enjoyed her visit to Lotus Temple, Hamayun’s Tomb, Qutub Minar, Delhi Hatt to name a few places .She was impressed by the rich cultural heritage of India.

 Phase II :-    9th June to 17th June 2014.

 Mrs. S.Dhingra, Primary Academic coordinator visited Australia  during this time.

 Highlights of the visit

 In Melbourne  

    At the AEF office                                                With Rob Skillern (group leader)                 

                                                               and other Indian delegates

At the city centre                                            At the MCG grounds

In Perth

Visit to Burrendah primary school in Perth

Addressing the school assembly                                           Interacting with students

                                    Art work of SFS students displayed                                              Facilities For Special Kids at Castle                           

in the Library at Burrendah Primary                                                        Reaghs School at Perth

                                      school, Perth

In Sydney

At Sydney Opera House                               At Darlington Harbour


  At AEF   Conference                                             Farewell Dinner with Indian Consul                         

                                             General Mr. Sunjay Sudhir

Post visit Collaboration with Australian School

An Indian culture club was started at Burrendah Primary school. The club has an interesting blend of students of various nationalities. Indian parent community provides a big support in conducting the activities of the club.

asutralian_10Indian culture club started at                                                                                                  Indian Parents Community

                   Burrendah Primary school in Perth

Our Students made collages of wild life sanctuaries of Australia, Sri Lanka, Kenya and India. These were exchanged with ‘landscape study’ by the students of Australia.

A Blog ‘journey- through the-forest’ was created.

Students were invited to write blog post on the ways to save natural wealth and wild life.

Videos of Vanmahotsav Day Assembly – Sri Lankan Dance and a play with message- ‘Hamara Asli Vanmahotsav’ were uploaded on the You Tube

Students wrote E-mails to their counter parts living in Australia explaining about ‘Chipko Movement’ and ‘Vanmahotsav- festivals of trees’.