Special Assembly on Mother’s Day Class II A & B

“ A mother’s love is more beautiful than any fresh flower.”

On 29th April 2024 , The students of Class II-A&B presented a special assembly on ‘Mother’s Day’, showcasing the significance to celebrate and honour mothers and mother figures for their love , care , and contributions in our life.

Vice Principal Ms. Shweta Oberoi welcome parents who joined us for the assembly. She emphasized on how such class presentations are necessary for  creating a steadfast bond with our parents and contribute immensely in development of our children. Assemblies are a great platform to acknowledge students for fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among students.

 The assembly started with a warm welcome address, prayer on Mother’s Day expressing gratitude to all mothers for their unwavering support and love followed by inspiring thought, musical tributes on Mother’s Day and thought-provoking Hindi skit highlighting the significance of motherhood and the invaluable role mothers play in shaping our lives and a captivating heartfelt dance performance by our students. These performances beautifully conveyed the deep appreciation and love for mothers.


The assembly also featured interactive fun filled games such as ‘Four Corners’ and ‘Fire In The Mountain’ where in all mothers participated enthusiastically.

During the address to the audience, the Principal Ms Shalini Aggarwal,  emphasised on the selfless love and devotion of mothers towards their family. Their love and support is truly irreplaceable, and deserve to be celebrated and honoured each day. Teachers who were instrumental in presenting the assembly were applauded by the Principal for their remarkable contribution in organising the event. The presentation was a resounding success, leaving attendees feeling uplifted and inspired to continue honoring and cherishing their mothers every day.The assembly concluded with vote of thanks by Academic Coordinator Ms Shweta Dimri followed by the National Anthem.



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