Report on Workshop on Online Child Sexual Exploitation And Abuse

The online workshop on Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse was conducted by Delhi High Court in collaboration with the Delhi Police on 25th  May 2023 from 8.30 am to 9.30 am to bring awareness among the young children of our country.The topic of the workshop was Cyber Bullying as a concern and senstivity towards the children of our country.The students and teachers of Summer Fields School actively participated in the online workshop to recognize and avoid social media exploitations.

It was a  smooth and effective session. The arrangements were made as per the guidelines.

Students sat in a room equipped with a good-quality camera and a stable internet connection which was free from excessive background noise to facilitate clear communication. They actively participated and made notes during the program. Usage of school banners , placards related to the theme displayed the keen interest of the students in the program.The two interactive videos launched during the session were  perceived by the young minds in a bright light and would equip the delicate hearts to navigate safely through the digital world and become digital ciizens in a protected environment which is backed by awareness.


Workshop on sexual abuse
Workshop on sexual abuse
Workshop on sexual abuse
Workshop on sexual abuse
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