Second Ranked in South East Delhi School Leaders

We feel elated that Summer Fields School, Kailash Colony, New Delhi has been ranked the Second Best in the category of “South East Delhi Leaders”. We are extremely delighted to continue our journey of imparting knowledge and skills in the true sense and empowering our students to excel in every arena of education.

Summer Fields School takes on the role of igniting and fueling the very fire of learning in the students to produce scholars who have the mental agility, physical vigor, strong value system and IT skills. The school has burgeoned into a multi-disciplinary institution, offering an environment of rich tutelage, harmonious learning, and various facilities to help the learners broaden their horizons. The school’s objective is to provide pedagogy which will empower the learners with analytical and logical skills. The school nurtures a vision to bring forth responsible and self-developed citizens who will make all proud with their stellar role in nation building. The education gained at Summer Fields will become the means to their all-round success in ever evolving and competitive global scenarios. The school relentlessly works to produce empowered individuals who are committed to Indian ethos and culture while keeping the adage ‘modernity blends with tradition’ alive. It is truly inspiring to see teachers, the cornerstones of the education system, to seek out opportunities of self-empowerment and keep their learning journeys going.

At this point, we wish to thank our parents who are our supportive stakeholders in all our endeavors. These mile stones of success are only possible with your support and valuable inputs. 

We would also like to express our heartfelt thanks to The Times of India team to conduct the survey and publish the results in ‘The Times of India’ edition on Thursday, 28th September 2023. 


As always, Summer Fields School will continue the legacy of attaining perfection in every aspect of learning.

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